Why Dexter Cattle?

Wee Dexters. Big Difference.

An Irish breed, Dexter’s origins are in the south-western counties of Ireland and date back to 1845. Their name comes from a ‘Mister Dexter’ who came to Ireland in the mid-1700s and settled in Tipperary.

Dexter cattle are an ancient Irish breed that had fallen out of favour in the last century. During the 1970s, Dexter cattle were classified as an endangered and ‘rare’ breed. This is most likely because farmers moved towards more commercial, intensive farming and breeds that offered better yields, could be grain fed and grown faster, often indoors.

In the last few decades, Dexters have made a big comeback, championed by farmers and foodies who value the exceptional quality of meat.

Dexters are also really suited to the north east of Ireland where we have a clement climate, plenty of rain and lots of lush, clover-filled grass.

Dexters love a grass fed diet and are medium to slow growing, but were not in any hurry: the sweet, well-marbled flesh is worth waiting on.    


Castlescreen Farm is a member of The Dexter Cattle Society. Our Dexter beef is:

  • Registered
  • Fully traceable
  • From Pedigree Dexters individually certified at birth by The Breed Society
  • PFLA certified Pasture For Life 


“We started with two heifer Dexter calves we got for the boys and the difference in the quality of the meat was day and night.