Our Regenerative Farm

Wee Fields. Big Responsibility.

Castlescreen is not a big commercial farming operation. One of the biggest things about us is that we take pride in being small and perfectly formed.

We’re a family farm with a clear focus on sustainability and so we take a regenerative approach to looking after every inch of every field for the welfare of the animals and the benefit of the planet.

The incredible taste and flavour on your plate starts with looking after the soil.

Castlescreen. A Regenerative Farm.

Regenerative farming takes a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food farming systems. Here at Castlescreen, we focus on regenerating topsoil, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle and enhancing the ecosystem. 

All of this works to increase the health and vitality of the soil: better soil makes for better, higher quality grass to feed our Dexters. Good soil also diminishes erosion and run off, leading to improved water quality on and off the farm.

AND we also recycle as much farm waste as possible, adding composted waste from other sources to up our nutrient intake. 

Perhaps most importantly, both now and for the future, regenerative farming is also helping to fight the climate crisis by pulling carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the ground.