Wee Farm. Big Family.

Castlescreen Farm has been in the Tumelty family for 4 generations.

So Damien has always been a farmer, studying at Greenmount Agricultural College and spending 20 years farming pigs before taking charge of Castlescreen and putting his and Jackie’s stamp on it.

That began with 2 Dexter heifer calves – a gift for their boys that grew into a herd and a whole new sustainable, regenerative farming initiative that today supplies families and restaurants across Northern Ireland with healthy, flavourful beef, pork, lamb and chicken, and is now home to a new fruit orchard and bee colony.

Today, Damien, Jackie and their family continue to grow the business in the most sustainable way possible, working hard and taking care of every detail to produce the highest quality, high welfare farm food you can get, while looking after the farm for the benefit of future generations.

It's all wee stuff but a pretty big deal. 

“The taste is superb and the beef has a natural marbling you just don’t get in commercial beef.”