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Pork Sausages 500g

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Our traditional Pork Sausages are made from our delicious free range pork to our simple but delicious recipe. All our sausages are hand tied by our butcher and made use natural casings. All our sausages are made with free range pork. These sausages are highly adaptable to any dish. You can save the rest for you weekend fry up or sausage sandwiches!  Gluten-free and free from any preservatives, chemicals or any other nasties.
Approximately 500g.

Castlescreen Farm is in conversion to FULLY CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Our pigs  are raised outside in Spring/Summer free to forage and fulfil their natural instincts, on land FREE FROM any artificial fertilisers or pesticides.. We raise Duroc pigs which do not have the high fat covering of rare breed pigs, so for their own comfort in very cold weather they are kept indoors in very large sheds. The Duroc breed of pig is famous worldwide as the breed of choice for Parma and Serrano ham, due to the marbling and natural sweetness of the meat. Their free range diet produces flavourful fats that are healthier and meat that is naturally high in valuable nutrients.